Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bush Admits War is Over Oil

  "If the United States pulled its troops out prematurely and surrendered the country to insurgents, he warns audiences, it would effectively hand over Iraq's considerable petroleum reserves to terrorists who would use it as a weapon against other countries."

Oh yeah hes admitted that the war is about oil alright but still hangs on to the claim that if they don't stay there the terrorists will us the oil as a weapon! Some how maybe selling oil for profit for the nation that holds the resource is bad because they might actually charge the US Based "Big Oil" companies an entirely ethical price( percentage) for the oil, Similar to what Chavez has done in Venezuela , by charging the Oil Companies 30% instead of the the 16% the oil companies were touting and much more than the 1% they usually try to buy it for!

full story on Bush Admitting the War was about oil Here 

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