Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Electronic Voting Machines Hacked to Swing Elections

It was come to light in the last few days that the majourity of the electronic voting machines being used in the american mid term elections can and are being hacked in order to throw elections by small margins ( 51% to 49%) recently a Computer Programmer from Florida gave evidence in court to being hired by Ohio State Congressman to Swing an election 51->49 percent.

Heres a link to a video of a man who went to the early voting sites. and hows votes had been changed by the machine from democrat to republican! 

Also Heres is a video of a hacked Diebold machine from Princeton University! Showing how to Hack a Machine and also the results of a Hacked Election!

It was also been reported in mainstream media ease of which these machine can be hacked!
Heres a report from abc news of how a Democratic legislator recieved cds in the post containing the source code for these machines which could be used to search for flaws in the code and how the code could possibly be manipulated to Swing elections.

Heres a good article from Greg Palast explaining how the Republicans stole the 2006 mid-term elections. Notice how this article is written before the elections are in. If this comes through it shows the curruption in the US government! Mirrored here

"In the early hours of voting on the mid-term elections, the GOP is already trying to spin exit polls in order to lessen suspicions surrounding expected attempts at vote fraud that will emerge later today. The truth is that exit polls are historically accurate, except in instances of major presidential and mid-term elections where vote fraud clearly sways the result afterwards." 
(http://www.prisonplanet.com/;front page; tuesday november 7th 2006)



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