Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Terror Cells in Ireland!! Show me the Proof!

Recently in the Irish Media there have been reports about declassified US Intelligence documents from 2003 stating that ireland is host or was host to terror cells of the so call islamo - facists,

I can't believe people are believeing this story! and i say story as this is the same intelligence that said Irag had weapons of mass Destruction and planned to use them on Western Civilisations! Also the same "Intelligence" that has recently announced that Venezuela are part of the axis of terror.

It's extremely convienent that Venezuela has been added to this list of countries who harbour terrorists! especially as their president Hugo Chavez has called George W Bush (also Known as the idiot) the devil at a UN General Assembly.

Also Chavez was the victim of a Military Coup by america to overthrow him from power in 1992, so that they could force a free market state and basically buy Venezuelan oil as cheap as possible!
(Oh Did i mention that Venezuela is sitting on one of the world largest oil Fields) Now it makes more sense why they are part of the axis of terror. And what makes it just as interesting is that
Venezuela has stopped trading oil with the US.

And Now i ask you! given what little information i have given you and what you already know do you think there is terrorist in Ireland, Well Maybe their are but with out proof i don't think much notice should be paid to this announcment!
It just seems like the us government is trying to gather as many nations to them by claiming they are in danger from a common enemy. An Enemy real or Imagined!

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