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Oklahoma City Bombing: Untold Story

On April 19th, 1995 in downtown Oklahoma City, multiple bombs ripped through the Alfred P. Murrah Building and as usual, Federal fingerprints were all over this tragic event. President Bill Clinton needed a crisis to get his gun control agenda through as well as his plans for a socialized America. Bill Clinton knew that a crisis of this magnitude & endless images of mangled bodies would pull on the heartstrings of the American people and they would beg for the Anti-Terrorism effective death penalty act that he had failed to pass a year before. The official story was that a truck bomb caused the face of the building to be blown off but two-unexploded bombs were found inside the building and through these bombs they could have tracked down where the bombs had come from and who had set them BUT unfortunately, the B.A.T.F., according to police & firefighter testimony, were inside removing them and taking them away because they had to keep their stories straight that there was only one bomb, a truck bomb.

Out of hundreds of people interviewed, not a single one could be found that said they heard a single explosion. Its a historical fact, part of the public record that there were multiple devices inside the Oklahoma City building and that there were at least 2-explosions. The Emergency Radio Transmission Transcripts show clearly that the police & firefighters were on the record witnessing the B.A.T.F removing un-exploded devices. The University Of Oklahoma seismograph and the U.S. Geological Survey reports, two different scientific institutions show multiple explosions but Mcveigh would have had to have accomplices and that didn't fit in with the Federal story, especially if the reality showed that it had to be somebody who had access to a Federal building for long, extended periods of time.

General Benton K. Partin is the former head of Air Force weapons development and had over 30+ years running the Air Force weapons development program & he has multiple engineering degrees. General Partin was amazed by press reports claiming the building has been blown in and that a truck bomb could cause that damage when even basic understanding of explosive signatures shows that the building was not blown from the outside in, but from the inside out. Within days of the blast, General Benton K. Partin was on the scene but was barred access but from video as well as photographs of the columns, it was obvious to any trained eye that columns had been blown off by shaped charges. In a detailed report, the former head of air Force weapons development laid out the physics & the mathematics. It was a physical impossibility for a truck bomb, even made of military grade explosives, couldn't even begin to approach the damage that was brought against the Oklahoma City federal building.

The seismographs first registered one distinct explosion and then a group of explosions so close to each other that they couldn't be separated. The FEDS had to have a diversionary blast, they had to be able to tell the world that it was Mcveigh alone out front. They needed Mcveighs truck bomb outside so they could cover the fact that there were actually explosives inside the structure and if you look at the crater the truck bomb caused, it was so small that it could hardly be measured but later in media reports the size of the crater got bigger and bigger. Another key piece of evidence that General Partin raises is that a single bomb explosion cannot account for the failure of column B3 which was further from the truck bomb than column B4 & B5 which did not fail. He concludes that the asymmetrical nature of the damage to the Murrah building is one indication of demolition charges being used in the bombing. In modern history there are literally thousands of structures of every type and design that have been destroyed commercially to make way for new structures but that didn't matter to the BATF, the federal government and the media.

They turned structural engineering on its head, telling the world that a single truck bomb actually did this damage and with a signature that clearly showed that the building had been blown out, not in. Not only were the scientific & engineering world in shock disbelief, the general public wasn't buying the story because they had actually witnessed what had happened! ATF agents that worked in the building were tipped off via their pagers telling them not to go to work that morning. If they got the tip, why didn't the others in the building? Because if the building was emptied, there wouldn't have been images of mangled bodies all over the media to pull on the heartstrings of the American people.

The government had multiple surveillance camera tapes. In fact, when it finally came out in court when the federal government declared in 2001 that they wouldn't release the video tapes because of national security implications, that there were actually 12 surveillance tapes that had different islamic individuals with Mcveigh and others, as well as the BATF hiding out right down the street before the bombs went off, preparing to pounce on the operation. The FEDS never tried to use the tapes in court. If the tapes did show that it was Mcveigh pulling up alone and it was just a truck bomb, why not use the actual surveillance tapes? You have to ask yourself why and what was on those tapes?

Danny Coulson, the FBIs top counter-terrorism agent checked into the Embassy suites hotel. The receipt from the hotel was dated April 19th, 1995 with a check in time of 12:20AM, almost 9 hours before the blast. Chief Agent Coulson lied to the American people by telling a time magazine reporter in 1999 of the heroin tale of how he sped at over 100MPH from his home in Dallas trying to get there after the bombing to save people & conduct an investigation.

Hoppy Heidelberg was an upstanding member of the community with no criminal record. He had been a Grand Juror for years but when he started asking questions about the middle-eastern connection, FBI prior knowledge and BATF involvement, the FBI actually came to his house brandishing firearms and told him to shut his mouth if he knew what was good for him. When he refused to be part of the cover-up and demanded that he be able to call witnesses as his right as a grand juror, the judge kicked him off the case. Just one more piece of this massive cover-up.

Governor Frank Keatings brother, Martin Keating wrote The Final Jihad. In the book a Tom Mcveigh masterminds the bombing of an Oklahoma City building. He dedicated the book to The Knights Of The Secret Circle which is a known Illuminati group, and he wrote the book two-years before the bombing. After the bombing, there was a $24-billion increase in anti-terrorism funds. The building was completely demolished so there couldn't be any evidence of government involvement and as if that wasn't enough, the remains of the building was buried under guard at a private landfill with guards protecting it.


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